Cloud Hosting on AWS

We currently manage our own AWS account for production environments.  On this account we are leveraging Wordpress for shops and a custom CMS for niche membership applications.  This layer is capable of hosting any web based package reliably at a smaller combined cost while your presence is getting started.  All platforms can be transferred to your Company's domain once traffic starts to flow reliably.


Reliable Merchant

It's incredibly easy to be labeled as "High-Risk" by your credit card processor.  This is why we started with a High Risk merchant account.  Are you drop shipping adult products?  Does your business model prevent you from doing transactions on PayPal or Square? We might be able to help you get started. 


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With a background in Enterprise Web and Mobile, we can point you in the right direction when you just can't figure out where to start.  How does technology come into play?  What are the challenges to get started?  If you're trying to avoid services that seek to own and monitor your IP, we can help you obtain a web presence that is yours and yours only.  We believe small business should be as self reliant as possible, and that starts with your own technology stack.

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